Akshay is a Human Monk who joined The Halfwits party fifteen years after the party first arrived in Ribcage.


During The Halfwits first journey to Ribcage, Akshay was a recovering drunkard in Maggie's. On the night before the Groundbreaking Ceremony, Bor Ealis encouraged the party to gift all their valuable possessions to Akshay, in order to help him recover from his addictions, and better himself.

After a night of heavy drinking and partying, Akshay became inspired by the actions of Maggie, Bo Jingles and the others around him, and decided to take up arms, and correct his behavior, undergoing the tutelage of a wandering Monk named Verkhan Vall, to become a Drunken Master.

When The Halfwits finally returned to Ribcage fifteen years later, Akshay had become not only a patron of, but the owner of Maggie's bar. Upon the request of Maggie, The Halfwits welcomed Akshay into the party to seek out an old tomb.

In the tomb Akshay and The Halfwits find a statue with a missing arm. Akshay then puts his testicles in the open hand of one of the still attached arms, when suddenly the hand closes, crushing his testicles into a bloody mess. Severely depressed about no longer having testicles, Akshay runs into the same portal Mogar used to become a woman, and after a few minutes Akshay returns a woman as well.