Bo Jingles was a Tiefling Bard that was in the service of the Einlandic Army at the outset of The Halfwits' journey.


When he was young he was adopted, his career as a Bard was thrust upon him by his adoptive family. After joining the Einlandic Army, Bo Jingles served aboard the ship that was spared the fate of being sank at sea, and joined forces with The Halfwits to wage a guerrilla war against the tyrannous Raja.

After the crash landing in the jungle, Bo Jingles was killed by a native Yaksha named Yakshashamu while assisting local villagers. Yakshashamu took on Bo Jingles' form, and impersonated him, sabotaging The Halfwits during their journey, and ruining Bo Jingles' reputation.


  • Bear song
  • Freedom

Sing a song about oppression,
Nobody likes that.
So if you don't like oppression,
Put on your freedom hat.

  • Story of the party

We were in a ship
And the ship took a dip, when, uh,
You made some magic and dripped,
Rain on us, uh, all upon us the forest is sick, uh.

(Albus breaks cup while cheering "here here")

Albus can be a prick, uh,
Mogar is okay most of the time, uh.
Bo jingles was, uh,
Born to rhyme, uh.

Orma is uh going to uh be the... forma-ly single,
As she marries me under a tree, uh,
We will be so happy, uh,
We'll get the cleric to do the vows, uh,
We'll just have to watch out for his bowls, uh,
Because once he starts to fart, uh,
It uh... then he farts a lot.

There was a tiger at some point

  • Do You Want To Build A Snowman

So you want to build a snowman...