Ulka was a bounty hunter that presented herself as a humanoid figure, but in reality was a young Black Dragon.


An inveterate alcoholic, a cheater at cards, and despite a promise to her mate a persistent devourer of humanoid flesh.


Lately in her life she had fallen on hard financial times. Her and her mates ambitious plan to build their dream lair in a desirable section of the Underdark had failed in a spectacular fashion.

The contractors hired to build the lair raised the costs, in her anger she ate them. Suppliers who failed to follow through on promises were eaten by her as well.

Having broken the vow she made to her mate to not consume the flesh of thinking beings their marriage suffered severe strain. The two of them agreed to a trial separation period.

To recoup her losses she began to hire out her services as a bounty hunter to wealthy Underdark patrons. Her most recent contract was from the Grey Dwarf merchant Jurigon Agsporso who awoke to find that a priceless Smoke Diamond he had kept hidden away was stolen.

Her job was to track down who stole the Smoke Diamond and kill them, and she was given the explicit right to consume the corpses of her prey. She was able to track the group of adventurers to the city of Jackal Heart.

When she confronted them she met her end, but not before giving them a warning that there would be others coming for the Smoke Diamond.



Despite initially being presented in humanoid form Ulka was able to take on the form of an incredibly powerful young black dragon. The nature of her shape shifting ability was unknown, but she had the full capabilities of a black dragon, including the acidic breath that black dragons are known for.

Unlike other forms of shape shifters she did not seem to have any vulnerability to silver weapons, thus making her a particularly deadly enemy.



  • Although a Black Dragon her Draconic form used a "Safari Ltd Forest Dragon" a green dragon figure commonly found at craft stores. The company has also released a black dragon based on the same mold which may better represent her draconic form and thus is used in the article above.
  • Ulka was not originally intended to be a dragon, she was turned into a draconic character by virtue of the Magic Mirror, instigated by Geoffs metagaming.